About Us


Chic Lusso is committed to providing a reflection of your lifestyle,your taste, your personality. Our essential goal is how we can help you turn your space into a perfect expression of you.


Chic Lusso was born in Vancouver,Canada in 2017.Founded by Chloe Lee, she is interior designer and landscape designer. Devoting all her passion and dream to create Chic Lusso, a contemporary lifestyle brand, which is guided by elegant,classic,luxury style and taste to this day.


Good design is where we feel most at home. It’s the softness of a feather-wrapped pillow. The ease of a slip-covered bed. The artfulness of an original oil painting. It’s both timeless and ever changing.

You’ll find our passion of design influences everything from our interior design services to our exclusive collection of furniture&decor items.You can create a unique space fits your lifestyle perfectly.


Our team provide inspired interior design, and space planning services, and focused on the intersection of contemporary design, Hospitality design for residential and office space.Chic Lusso Collections—from bedding to flowers and paintings—are made with our core design mission: providing chic and luxury style to our clients in the world.

WELCOME TO CHIC LUSSO. If you love life, life will love you back. 

Our team is made up of dreamers and visionaries.

Our passion for design? It’s matched only by our guests.

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Fashion Design

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Marketing Director