CHICLUSSO is a lifestyle brand founded by designer Chloe Lee in Vancouver. It is rooted in a West Coast style that leads a modern elegance and exclusive bespoke luxury furnishing to the individual homes. Inspired by the harmony between spirit and space in the oriental value and Western boutique culture, we are devoted to assimilating exclusive, independent designer brands with comfortable and high-end furnishing that articulate the refined sense of art, and the artistry of our daily lives. As a brand that promotes modern and upscale lifestyles, CHICLUSSO synthesizes the aesthetics from the East and the West through the lenses of renowned designers.

At CHIC LUSSO, we represent a very achievable and delicate lifestyle that is about enjoying the details of the high-quality and exquisite living. No longer the out-of-date impression of an extravagant monetary output, CHIC LUSSO is more about a rational and healthy way of pursuing those elegant objects that speak for the personality and state a taste of design. More than that, it reflects the expectation of a delightful and exquisite life.