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 “of ice. Deceptively reserved and flat, it lies ‘in grandeur and in mass beneath a sea of shifting snow-dunes; dots of cyclamen-red and maroon on its clearly defined pseudo-podiamade of glass that will bend–a much needed invention–comprising twenty-eight ice-fields from fifty to five hundred feet thick, of unimagined delicacy.â€?/p>

-By Marianne Moore

Mountains pilled high, and the clouds followed. A nature reference that is emphasized the mountain view by layering the organic line. Different texture manipulations bring the dynamic feeling of the landscape.

The Color combination is based on the soft brown within different shades. The material combination of bamboo fibre and New Zealand wool outlines the hight quality of the product and the beauty of the artistic conception.

Mountains rug using the tufting method, also customize in multiple sizes.

Materials: 100% New Zealand Wool & Bamboo Silk