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“Somewhere in the dark is always mountains,

Years in mountains, mountains silent, standing

Inscrutable, big, rocky, piercing, sheer,

And hills, wrinkled and rippling, calling clear

Across their time, symbolic, real, and branding

Reality as cities boast a downtown.�/p>

-David Rothman

A nature reference that is emphasized the mountain view by layering the picture of sky, snow, and the forest. Different texture manipulations bring the dynamic feeling of the landscape.

Colour combinations based on the nature view within different shades that capture the everyday life living near the Rocky Mountain distinguishes West Coast collection of rugs. The material combination of bamboo fibre and New Zealand wool outlines the hight quality of the product and the beauty of the artistic conception.

Rocky rug using the tufting method, also customize in multiple sizes.

Materials: 100% pure New Zealand Wool & Bamboo Silk