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“During the long weekend in Kerrisdale beach with my little baby Chloris, I was drawn by an engaging pattern formed in sea waves. I want to hold up the beautiful Vancouver summer view for my family room in all seasons. â€?Chloe Lee

The Sea rug recalls the layering of the wind and waves kick up spray. A nature reference that is emphasized by the little touch of the sea and sky from the bottom to the top. 

Colour combinations based on the various shade of blue sea and sky effects that create pictures that capture the everyday life living near the sea distinguishes West Coast collection of rugs. By adding a touch of the natural landscape that represents the atmosphere in Vancouver, Sea rug brings a soothing welcome to any place at home.

Sea rug is made of 100% pure New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk using the manual tufting method, also customized in multiple sizes.West Coast Style